A Few Thoughts for Keeping Yourself and Your Loved Ones Healthy, Safe and Secure

First, there are two things you can do to help you now so that, if you do get sick, you do not get as sick as you might. The first is to get a flu shot. The second is if you have had pneumonia, bronchitis, and/or are immunocompromised, it is essential that you get a pneumonia shot. With gyms closing, and people staying close to home, keeping fit is also important. There are many online videos that can be accessed.

People are stocking up on goods, mostly carbohydrates, that are not perishable. Remember, a healthy diet is a key to good health. Carbo loading may be good in certain circumstances, but fruits and vegetables are essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Every time I go into the store, even with the picked-over shelves, these items are available. Remember to continue buying them. At this point, the supply chain appears to be intact. Hoarding goods against an uncertain future may not be the best move. This is because waiting in line out of doors in a mass of people in order to buy toilet paper presents a high risk of exposure. Some people that have the virus may not know they have it when they are waiting in line with you. Some people, sick people, are not self-quarantining; they may decide to make one last trip to stock up and wait it out.
Take care of the elderly in your life. Make sure they have a 30 day supply of their prescriptions. If they need food or goods, do the shopping for them. If they take public transportation, if you can, offer/arrange a ride to their doctors. These simple measures will also be helpful to someone who is infirmed and/or immunocompromised.

Remember, social distancing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking good care of yourself and the ones you love are the best way to maintain good health during these times.

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