Just because we are sheltering in place, it doesn’t mean the Opioid Crisis has gone away.

People still need their drugs. As the health system focuses on the needs of those affected by COVID19, it will be harder for addicts to get these drugs from the usual channels.

Opioid Users are More Vulnerable to COVID19 transmission


Wanting them, craving them, they are likely to go out to get them; to hunt for them if necessary.

Out and about is not the place to be right now.

Opioid users who become infected with COVID19 are more likely to get seriously ill and more likely to die.

Opioids depress the central nervous system. Long term use of opioids affects lung capacity.

When you hear about the death of a young person from this disease, it is likely their systems were impacted by their addiction to opioids [the users].

And, as stated before exposure puts them at risk, serious risk, of being infected and of death.

From the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that our healthcare infrastructure was shaky.

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