Minda Wilson – weekly podcast

If you are not familiar with my podcast “Urgent Care“, you can get familiar with it here… Tune in for new guests and compelling discussions each week going into 2022.

Each podcast can be listened to by clicking on the podcast below

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lee silverstien and minda wilson

Lee Silverstein

dr veronique and minda wilson

Dr V Desaulniers

joseph wilderspoon and minda wilson

Dr Joseph Willardsen

leo tonkins and rene and minda wilson

Leo Tonkin & Rene Stern

Joryn Jenkins and minda wilson

Joryn Jenkins

urgent care tk huynh

TK Huynh

urgent care chuck martin

Chuck Martin

urgent care dr epler

Dr Gary Epler

urgent care stephen c schimpff md

Stephen C Schimpff MD

urgent care tal givoly

Tal Givoly

urgent care ariana longley

Ariana Longley

urgent care sharon danitscheck

Sharon Danitscheck

urgent care megan megale

Megan Megale

Dr L Strause and  M Schechtman

Minda Wilson podcst with marlisa brown

Marlisa Brown

minda wilson podcast with xanet pailet

Xanet Pailet

Minda Wilson podcast malcolm Bohm

Malcolm Bohm

minda wilson jack divine

Jack Levine

minda wilson shell cleave

Shell Cleave

minda wison mary seau

Mary Seau

minda wilson david korse

David Korse