Minda Wilson – weekly podcast

If you are not familiar with my podcast “Urgent Care“, you can get familiar with it here… Tune in for new guests and compelling discussions each week going into 2022.

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Glenn Klein

Victorianne Walton

Sanjay Sehgal

Minda Wilson-Podcast dr keith kanner 4png

Dr. Keith Kanner

Minda Wilson-podcast mia roseberry


Rich Sagell

minda wilson allen kates

Allen Kates

minda wilson brian boyd

Brian Boydon

minda wilson Roland Perez

Roland Perez

minda wilson dr spellberg

Dr Spellberg

Minda Wilson-jack levine

Jack Levine

minda wilson - carl david

Carl David

minda wilson elliott mckenzie

Elliott McKenzie

minda wilson ken lacy and eryk haapajoki

Ken Lacy & Eryk Haapajoki

minda wilson dr mary lee esty

Dr Mary Lee Esty

minda wilson jason angelini

Jason Angelini

Rick “Nifty” Middleton

minda wilson pod josh sommer

Josh Sommer