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cost of business

Cost of Doing Business

Cost Of Doing Business I got a message from Google/Microsoft asking permission to crawl any data I send via email on Outlook, including attachments, etc.  A little about me – I work at the intersection of law and healthcare.  As […]


Education on Life Support

Education on Life Support California has pulled the plug on Calculus in public schools. Children attending public school that wish to become engineers, technologists, scientists, and/or attend top-rated business schools can now kiss their dreams goodbye. Of course, all is […]


The Genomic Revolution

The Genomic Revolution UCLA Health, UCLA’s Institute for Precision Health, and the Regeneron Genetics Center, a division of a New York-based company Regeneron, are working together to create a roadmap using a person’s genetics to identify his or her disease […]

Minda Wilson a new era

A New Era

A New Era? The funny thing about this new administration is that I feel calmer, but I am also feeling more vulnerable.  The reality of a post-Covid world is starting to dawn.   During Covid I could sit in my […]


Big Money For Georgia!

Big Money for Georgia As the election in Georgia draws near, I have been getting a lot of literature from both parties, always asking for money.   Both parties’ requests say that the contributions are to support something specific, either […]

minder wilson peace

A Plea For Peace!

A Plea for Peace No matter who has won the election, no matter which side controls the Senate, Americans are facing a unique set of problems that need to be addressed.  COVID; Economic Recovery; Healthcare; Global Warming; the Deficit; Soviet […]


Inspiration from a politicians past

Inspiration from Politicians Past Today, the list of things that I can talk to people about is growing shorter and shorter.  Most people I encounter are afraid.  They know that the world before COVID is gone.  Major changes are on […]


It may not be “white flight”

It May Not be “White Flight”, but Flight It Is… In the spring, when kids were first sheltering in place, parents saw their kids beginning to fall behind.  When it was clear their children were not getting what they needed, […]

What about public schools

What About Public Schools?

What about Public Schools?     Kids staying home is really bad for the future of the Public School systems.   This is the cycle we are seeing: Sitting in front of a computer for 6 to 8 hours a […]

Every man for him self

Every Man for Themselves

Every Man for Themselves Public school has started. Kids are at home.  We are back to the 80-20 rule.  20% attend. 80% do not. If you are a kid attending, public school now looks like this:  You get up in […]