Vaping E-cigarette use, also known as Vaping, is everywhere.   Most people think of e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking.  Some people believe it is a useful tool to help people quit smoking. But nothing could be farther from the truth.   […]

Joint Hospital/Insurance Company Study Reveals Significant Waste   When the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Humana Health Care acknowledges that one out of every 4 dollars spent on healthcare is wasted, they don’t mean it’s being spent of […]

Medicare for All? (you are definitely going to want to read this blog in its entirety) I recently met with a group of women.  All are working because their jobs provide the health insurance needed by their families. It startled me when […]

Will Knowing Healthcare Costs Result in Better Care At Lower Costs? NO! There has been much grandstanding and praise for the recently passed healthcare legislation requiring hospitals to report pricing.  This does sound like a good idea.  It would be great to […]