Dear Joe (I hope I can call you Joe):

Today I am heartsick. With the death of George Floyd and the continued risk of death brought on by the pandemic, people like myself are looking for a leader to help us find our way out this mess.  

First, we need a John Kennedy moment!  We need to be inspired, believe that we can accomplish something great and that we can do it together.  If the media won’t give you your moment to inspire, buy the time.  You have the money.  There are no excuses. 

Second, you need to address the issue of racism head-on.  YOU could take up the mantle of fair policing, bring all the stakeholders to the table, then come up with a real plan! You don’t need to be president to do this and you can start now.  Ask big questions!  Should police be responsible for policing unrest, especially if the cause of the unrest is a result of their actions?  Bring together police of all ranks, community leaders of all races, creeds, religions, logistic experts, experts on resources, etc. Solicit people who have been victimized by crime, as well as those who have committed crimes; ask them what would make a difference?  Get a large, and diverse city involved who is willing to pilot recommendations made. Implement these recommendations. Then iterate.   Remember, your crime bill was the pivotal moment, now is the time to learn from your successes and from your mistakes and make positive change.

Third, you need to build a plan to maintain the middle. We can no longer make the middle class bear the burden of supporting our entire infrastructure.  It is destroying us.  Rethink the burden you have placed on them.   To accomplish this, we must, also, refocus on our core values.  Bring back respect for our fellow human beings.  We should treat those who support and care for their families as honored members of our communities, independent of how much they make.   By admiring anyone who is rich, despite their character, simply because they are rich, we devalue hard work and self-reliance, the core values America is based on.  

Finally, show us you care more about us than you do about taking a risk and making a wrong turn. Be decisive.  Today, action is needed over words.  What is more important, a workable solution or lip service to this new God of correctness?  

What this country needs more than anything else is someone to lead and to inspire.  Be that person! Don’t sit back and wait for your moment. Make your moment.  It’s up to you.

Your friend,

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