My company, Fluidity Health, offers care coordination platform for people sheltering in place. We see this pandemic as devastating for healthcare.

43,000 Healthcare workers lost their Jobs


A lot of the hospitals we work with are in trouble because of their inability to perform elective surgery.

They have few COVID patients, fewer emergency patients, and no way to pay the bills. Its estimated 12% of hospitals will close by year-end.

In March of this year alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 43,000 healthcare workers lost their jobs.

The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that by this upcoming June.

60,000 family medical practices will close or scale back, affecting 800,000 additional workers.

Money promised by the government has not been fully forthcoming.

From the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that our healthcare infrastructure was shaky.

This will only make it worse.

Does this affect you ? are you a medical professional or health worker? we would love to hear your story, and If your ok with it share it on our website.

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My Dad is 95 years old.  He’d come up in the great depression without a father.  Because he spoke German and Yiddish, during his stint in the army, he met with survivors of the concentration camps.   After serving in World War II, he came back to Los Angeles where he and his brother started a business that has grown as the city has grown.  Until he was forced to stay home by the COVID-19 shelter in place orders, he went to work every day of his adult life.   

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