It seems like every generation has its war.  The Greatest Generation was involved in World War II. 

The Baby Boomers lived through the Viet Nam Era. The Millennials live through the “War on Terror”. 

But for those who are younger, the war to stop COVID 19 will be their touchstone.  

Every young person has been pulled out of school. Even college students are studying at home. 

The War on COVID19


They will remember on-line classrooms, not being able to leave their homes, being stuck at home while their parents tried to work or find work in the other room.

They will remember teaching their parents how to use Zoom and they will remember not being able to buy toilet paper.

They will remember missing their proms, their graduations, going shopping and seeing their friends.  

All of this will leave an imprint in the same way that the depression imprinted previous generations, and World War II and the War in Viet Nam imprinted others.

We are all soldiers in this war.  Like any war, there are always those that fight on the front and those who kept the home fires burning.

Our front lines today are manned by doctors, nurses, caregivers, researchers, police, ambulance drivers. 

But those who directly fight the war are those who man our supply lines, grocery store workers, delivery people.

They are the most exposed, and we appreciate their efforts to keep us safe and secure.  

To support our troops, people are making extraordinary personal sacrifices.

We are sheltering in place, closing our businesses, and staying away from our loved ones who may be vulnerable.

Some of our greatest industries, airlines, hotels, tourism, sports, entertainment, have shuttered themselves, without complaint.

Mastering new technologies are proving very challenging. Many of our 130 million-plus chronically ill are struggling to stay healthy at home because they should not go out to get access to basic goods or services.

Many have lost or will lose their jobs. All of us have to deal with uncertainty. It is a testament to us, as Americans, that we are doing our part.

In a country of people who pride themselves on being individuals, we are, for the most part, doing what we are told.

To those who socially distance themselves, wear a scarf or mask when they are uncomfortable, stay home when they would rather walk on the beach, cope with the uncertainty of the unknown, we appreciate you.
Minda Wilson

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