Let’s Bankrupt the Elderly!

This year, a 90-year-old woman, after 34 years of being covered by Medicare, was denied Part G Medicare coverage by Anthem because of her preexisting condition. (See Letter Below).  She is not the only one.  

For more than 20 years, our friend has suffered from the condition given for her denial, restless legs.  Essentially, this diagnosis means her legs hurt her at night and, because her legs bother her, she has trouble sleeping.   

The notion that insurance companies are not allowed to turn you down because of preexisting conditions is false.  It only applies to insurance policies covered under the ACA, which does not include Medicare. 

Insurance for healthcare bankrupt the elderly

Maybe when your grandparents or your parents or even you turn 90, if your insurance company thinks that your health is starting to decline, you too could be unable to obtain supplemental Medicare coverage.   No silver sneakers for you! 

The excuse could be you have acne, or that you suffer from back pain; or maybe, the insurance company drops your coverage because you have become diabetic, take cholesterol medicine, blood pressure medication, or thyroid medication.  Whatever the reason given, you could be on the hook for all medical bills not covered by Part A or by Part B;  which, if you get seriously ill could be over a million dollars.

Remember, if you start to get expensive, this denial of benefits does not have to wait until you are 90.  Get prostate cancer, you can lose coverage!  Get pneumonia, you’re done!   You could be 66 or 67 and, at the end of the year when you are expecting a letter from Anthem or United Health about your renewal,  your coverage could be at an end, never to be renewed again. 

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