Minda Wilson has spent more than 20 years on the frontlines of the healthcare debate. Wilson is not a politician or an insurance executive. She is a corporate attorney specializing in healthcare, paid to understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, its implementation, and its impact. What she’s learned is terrifying.

Wilson has the insight and expertise to say what no one else is saying, and is proposing real-world, implementable solutions.

In her new book Urgent Care, Wilson offers ten cures for America’s ailing healthcare system. The truth is, that in trying to ensure access to high quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans and improve the healthcare delivery records of underperforming hospitals, we have sacrificed many of the things that made America’s health system the greatest one in the world.

Urgent Care examines where we are, how we got here, and the future of healthcare delivery if we do nothing.

Up to 95% of every dollar you spend on insurance goes to fund insurance company costs, not patient care; shouldn’t it be the opposite? This year, depending upon where you live, insurance companies are raising policy rates for families between 10% and 40%, even though insurance companies are having record years and senior executives are getting record bonuses. How our current system will bankrupt our middle class. How consumers can take back their power, and more.

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